About us

Professional & quality service

We are committed to doing quality work in a professional way, no cowboys here! We have insurance cover to protect your property, and we keep up with all OSH requirements.

Focus on sustainability

We have a growing focus on caring for this beautiful planet. Over the last couple of years, we've been focussing on the following:

  • Doing fewer removals in preference to pruning
  • Travelling less by concentrating on local work
  • Planting smaller trees to replace the ones we've removed
  • Helping with a local orchard and 'food forest.'
  • Tree planting when we have the opportunity.


Peter started this business over 15 years ago and loves trees and climbing.

He believes that the customer is more important than the paycheck, meaning he and his team do an honest day's work and keep their charges as low as possible. Peter sees his work as a form of worship to God.



Simone is a key part of the Botanic team, not only because she is married to Peter, but Simone handles the administration so that the boys can spend more time up in trees!


Andrew L

A capable and hardworking groundsman



A hardworking and experienced groundsman. Jack is also learning to climb.


Andrew P

Helps with maintaining a large property in Remuera.